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Vending Machines

A list of vending machines and their locations, make and content. This uses the same generic offerings information as the catering points of service data, but does not include opening hours. The URIs are not great and may change or be reused for other machines at a later date.

Available Distributions

RDF (in XML)
RDF (in Turtle)

Dataset Information

Type:Authoritative Dataset
Conforms to:5 Star Open Linked Data
Publisher:University of Southampton
Corrections:None specified. Please contact Ash Smith with any issues.
Published:6th July 2015


While generating this dataset the following files were used.

publish.json'Hedgehog' configuration file
soton-vending.cfgCFG file
soton-vending.xslXSLT stylesheet
machines.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
machines.oldOLD file
grinder'Grinder' script
vending-machines.rdfRDF/XML file