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Transport Linkset

A set of links from our bus and train station URIs into the government "Naptan", and other URI schemes.

Available Distributions

RDF (in XML)
RDF (in Turtle)

Dataset Information

Type:Non-Authoritative Dataset
Data Catalogue
Conforms to:5 Star Open Linked Data
Publisher:University of Southampton
Corrections:None specified. Please contact Ash Smith with any issues.
Published:15th June 2015


While generating this dataset the following files were used.

grinder'Grinder' script
publish.json'Hedgehog' configuration file
transport-linkset.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
transport-linkset.grinder.cfgCFG file
transport-linkset.xslXSLT stylesheet
transport-linkset.rdfRDF/XML file