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Atomic layer deposition system

The FlexAl system allows the deposition of ultra-thin layers (typically a few nm) of a variety of metal oxides and nitrides from liquid precursors. The deposition process works by providing a short pulse of precursor, followed by purge and exhaust steps. This cycle is then repeated to build up a layer. Typical growth rates are around 1A/cycle. The system is currently configured for the deposition of ZnO and Al2O3. ZnO is deposited using a DEZ precursor. The deposition rate is typically 1A/cycle at 150C. The refractive index of ALD ZnO varies from 1.75 at low temperature to 1.83 at high temperaure, compared with 1.985 for bulk ZnO. Annealing at 425C (not optimised) can help improve electrical properties.

Facility: Clean Rooms - Nanofabrication
Part of: School of Electronics & Computer Science
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Location: New Mountbatten



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