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Zeiss EVO Scanning Electron Microscope

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used to examine microscopic topographical or compositional detail of solid specimens. The image is produced by scanning an extremely small focused beam of electrons (adjustable down to a few nm in diameter) across the surface of a specimen in an array of picture points; high-energy electron bombardment of the specimen causes signals to be emitted at each position of the beam. These are collected and their intensities are used to produce images of the specimen by modulating the brightness of equivalent pixels on a computer screen. An SEM has three distinct advantages compared to a light microscope - better resolution, greater depth of field and the ability to carry out X-ray microanalysis. The Zeiss EVO scanning electon microscope (SEM) is able to image the surfaces of a wide variety of non-conducting materials due to its variable pressure (VP) mode.

Facility: Clean Rooms - Nanofabrication
Part of: School of Electronics & Computer Science
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Location: New Mountbatten



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