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Nikon - HMX: 225kV Microfocus Computed Tomography Scanner

This is a custom Nikon XTEK XTH 225 kVp micro-focus CT system equipped with a robotic sample exchanger (~ 150 mm height limit). It is perfect for relatively small specimens (< 300 mm in height) that can be scanned using a 225 kVp X-Ray source. The source can be configured for high resolution or high flux through a range of different anodes; namely a transmission anode (spot ? 1 ?m, low flux), a standard multi-material reflection anode (spot ? 3 ?m, 'normal' flux) and a rotating anode (spot ? 10?m, x3 -5 flux). A labyrinth at the rear of the system allows routing of cables and pipes that can control and feed in-situ rigs for time-resolved (4D) ?-CT experiments.

Facility: CT Centre
Part of: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
Location: Eustice



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