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Zeiss - Xradia 510 Versa: High-resolution computed tomography scanner

This scanner uses a two-stage magnification approach to achieve sub-micron spatial resolution at source to object distance much greater than these allowed in conventional XCT systems. Zeiss?s resolution at a distance, RaaDTM, approach combines the geometric magnification of the X-Ray imaging with a smart system of microscope lenses to further magnify the image. The system is fitted with X0.4, X4, X20, and X40 magnification lens mounted on a barrel mount for rapid change over. This means that the operator can achieve submicron resolution (pixel size ? 70 nm or spatial resolution ? 0.7 ?m) at large working distances, allowing for imaging of larger specimens or small specimens in contained in-situ rings. Importantly, the machine is capable of phase-contrast imaging overcoming an imortant limitations of convectional absorption-based CT imaging; i.e. low or complete absence of contrast for low Z materials. The latter is particular useful for biomedical imaging, CFRP and polymer imaging appl

Facility: CT Centre
Part of: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
Location: Eustice



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