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Tuesday 21st February 2023, 8:00pm

Adventurer and filmmaker, James Levelle likes to live life on the wild side, but a near death experience hurricane chasing for the BBC brought him face to face with the deadly side of climate chaos.

Despite the mainstream doom and gloom climate anxiety, James came up with a crazy idea…

Inspired by the next generation’s efforts to make their voices heard in the climate emergency, James set off from the UK on a 9000-mile race to document youth climate messages and deliver them in a film to the United Nations climate conference in Chile.

His challenge was to get there by any means possible, fossil fuel free. However, sailing midway across the Atlantic Ocean James received devastating news. The climate conference in Chile had been cancelled and moved to Madrid.

He now faced a seemingly impossible task… continue the mission to document youth climate messages in South America and find a way to deliver their voices to the UN conference in Spain.

This autumn 2022, James is setting off on a brand-new next generation championing relay race running and cycling overland and sailing the seas from Glasgow, Scotland, to Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt.

Find out if James made it to the United Nations Climate Conference in time and what he learned from thousands of people, across sixteen countries and thousands of miles from the UK to Egypt.

Presented by Turner Sims in association with the Royal Geographical Society


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