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ESRC IAA Showcase

Thursday 19th May 2022, 10:00am

Come and speak to researchers who have taken advantage of the ESRC IAA scheme and learn how it can help your research too!


Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) are strategic awards provided to institutions to support knowledge exchange (KE) and impact from their ESRC funded research. IAAs allow Research Organisations to respond in flexible, responsive and creative ways, aligned to their institutional strategies and opportunities.


Responsibility for management of IAAs is devolved to the institution to operate tailored schemes to facilitate the realisation of impact. The awards are intended to add value to existing funding and take advantage of new or unforeseen opportunities. IAAs are one of the funding mechanisms for supporting knowledge exchange, innovation and impact at UK Research and Innovation.


Date: 19th May 2022

Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm (Individual sessions are available)

Venue: Hartley Suite, Building 38


With presentations from existing award holders to talks from leading members of Research and Innovation Services, this Showcase Day is designed to help academic researchers appreciate how the ESRC IAA scheme can be crucial in giving their research the boost it needs to achieve greater impact. 


Organised by:Research & Innovation Services
Location:Highfield Campus
Hartley Suite, Building 38, Highfield Campus

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