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Histochemistry Research Unit

The Unit has the facilities to process cells and tissue samples into a range of mediums including frozen, paraffin and resin for subsequent sectioning and staining by a variety of techniques. These methods include tinctorial staining for traditional histological examination, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation. Users of the Unit may either contract the HRU to undertake work on their behalf or may use the facility to perform their own work. The HRU has extensive experience in undertaking histopathology for clinical trials. The HRU can offer advice and training on a variety of techniques. The Unit has a range of well maintained equipment available, including paraffin and resin microtomes, a range of light microscopes including those with multiple heads and digital photography and camera lucida attachment, image analysis and laser microdissection.




RCUK Costed:No
School/Dept:Faculty of Medicine
Building:South Academic Block
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