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FAST Lab - Laser Laboratory

The FAST LAB facility consists of three sections (one `clean` lab dedicated to optical bio-science) and the other two supplied with femtosecond laser systems and optical tables with a total floor space of 72 square metres. The £1.1M installation and recent £300K upgrade provides the ORC and its collaborators with one of the most comprehensive and flexible commercial ultrafast laser system in the world. The FAST Lab can be hired on a daily basis in order to assist your particular line of research. Whether you are a member of the ORC, a member of another department within this or another university, or even a scientist from industry or other research establishment, you are welcome to make use of the FAST Lab facility. Moreover, we are keen to establish collaborations with other experimentalists




RCUK Costed:No
School/Dept:Physical Sciences and Engineering
Building:New Mountbatten
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