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The Stag's

We currently don't have a human-friendly viewer for this kind of information. Rather than display a 404, we provide the information in its raw form, for the benefit of programmers and those who understand the structure of RDF. We hope to have a proper viewer soon.
rdfs:label "The Stag's"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.93476419"^^xsd:float
geo:long "-1.397388851"^^xsd:float,
dcterms:spatial "POLYGON((-1.3975706221 50.93486991,-1.3974955229 50.9349607157,-1.3973631113 50.934919389,-1.397185694 50.9346256846,-1.3973426297 50.9345910944,-1.3974004812 50.9345783,-1.3975706221 50.93486991))"^^xsd:string
rdfs:label "West Bld & Staff Social Centre"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.93495"^^xsd:float
is of
is of