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Glen Eyre Halls Complex

We currently don't have a human-friendly viewer for this kind of information. Rather than display a 404, we provide the information in its raw form, for the benefit of programmers and those who understand the structure of RDF. We hope to have a proper viewer soon.
rdfs:label "Glen Eyre Halls Complex"^^xsd:string
dcterms:description "The Glen Eyre Lane Halls Complex consists of Glen Eyre Hall, Hartley Grove Hall, South Hill Hall and Chamberlain Hall. This set of halls are often just referred to collectively as 'Glen'."^^xsd:string
is of,,,
rdfs:label "Chamberlain Hall"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.941608"^^xsd:float
geo:long "-1.403273"^^xsd:float
rdfs:label "Glen Eyre Hall"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.943504"^^xsd:float
geo:long "-1.401615"^^xsd:float
rdfs:label "Hartley Grove"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.940693"^^xsd:float
geo:long "-1.401696"^^xsd:float
rdfs:label "South Hill Hall"^^xsd:string
geo:lat "50.94146"^^xsd:float
geo:long "-1.402248"^^xsd:float