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Local Amenities

This is an informal list of amenities around our main campus, if you would like to help contribute, get in touch! To keep the list reasonable, we are only including amenities on, or very close to our campuses. An exception is made for things further away which are the nearest thing of that type, such as train stations, the airport and public services.

Available Distributions

RDF (in XML)
RDF (in Turtle)
Excel Spreadsheet

Applications Using This Dataset

Amenity Map
Embeddable Map Widget

Dataset Information

Type:Non-Authoritative Dataset
Conforms to:5 Star Open Linked Data
Publisher:University of Southampton
Published:4th December 2018


While generating this dataset the following files were used.

amenities.ntRDF/N-Triples file
amenities-1.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
amenities-2.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
amenities-3.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
amenities-4.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
grinder'Grinder' script
faith.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
openorg-pos.xslXSLT stylesheet
pos.cfgCFG file
publish.json'Hedgehog' configuration file
transport.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
waste.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)