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Data Catalogue

This page serves as a list of all our datasets. Each dataset is available in (at least) Turtle and RDF/XML formats, as well as an HTML description. Depending on the data, other formats may be available (eg KML). If you want to query this data using SPARQL, please use our SPARQL endpoint.

Academic Sessions

Key dates within the University of Southampton's timetable, specifically semester start and end dates.

Building Entrances and Exits

This is a list of external building entrances and exits.

Buildings and Places

Open Org Places Document describing buildings, and other geospacial entities related to the University of Southampton. Data about completion dates and architects has not been formally verified and should not be treated as definitive.


This dataset gives the name and location, and sometimes menus, to get food and drink. The data is sourced from several different organisations including Retail Services and the Nuffield Theatre. No prices listed should be considered a binding offer.

City Council Car Parks

A dataset featuring the locations of all council-run car parks in Southampton.

Common Learning Spaces Extra Information

This dataset contains extra data to augment the room features dataset. It is maintained outside the syllabus database. It includes alternate names for some Common Learning Spaces, information on access and links to depictions.

Daily Menus

This dataset should be used in conjunction with the Catering dataset. It contains the menu for points of sale that change daily.

EPrints Repository

Research outputs of the University of Southampton. Does not currently include all items from ECS which are available from


This dataset is generated once a day. It creates the UK OSGB36 format Easting and Northing for every resource which has a WGS84 latitude and longitude. It only applies this to lat/long from datasets which are (a) published by the University of Southampton and (b) marked "Authoritative".


Open Access Teaching and Learning Resources.

EdShare Video

Currently these videos are stored on a separate server from the rest of EdShare, due to resource constrains, and in due course this will be merged into EdShare. Only categories where all or most videos are available to the public have been included in the export to the open data server.

Energy time-series mapping

This dataset maps buildings to their energy use time-series. Some buildings may have multiple time series, some are shared between two buildings. This data is provided by the role of Energy Manager in the BEMS team in buildings and estates.

Events Diary

This data is aggregated hourly from websites and data sources all around the University of Southampton. No license is formally designated as the information is aggregated from multiple sources.

Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment of the University of Southampton.

Food Hygine Ratings

This data is pulled weekly from .

Links to AccessAble Access Information

AccessAble (previously DisabledGo) provide information for people with disabilities about many buildings and points of service at the University of Southampton. This dataset provides links from our URIs for these things to the AccessAble HTML documents describing each. Also includes links to pages about stations and the airport.

Local Amenities

This is an informal list of amenities around our main campus, if you would like to help contribute, get in touch! To keep the list reasonable, we are only including amenities on, or very close to our campuses. An exception is made for things further away which are the nearest thing of that type, such as train stations, the airport and public services.

Online Training Courses

A list of all the online courses that the University has licensed from All staff are permitted to use these courses, please see for more information.

Open Data Catalog

A catalog of known open or linked datasets provided by the University of Southampton


This list of organisations and organisational units is taken from the table used by the "MUD" directory, so may not be authoritative. The University organisation is currently changing so these identifiers should be treated with caution.

Photographs of University of Southampton Things

This dataset describes photographic depictions of our buildings, and other things. Photographs are available in a variety of sizes and licenced under creative commons 'cc-by' (or public domain). As well as the full-size jpgs, there are jpgs of each image scaled to widths 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 pixels.


Details of all the known Pokestops on campus.

Pool Times

The schedule for the University swimming pool.


A list of all the printers on campus. Please be advised, some of these printers are in areas that are inaccessible by some members of the University.

Room Divisions

This is a list of divisions in open plan office and lab areas.

Room Shapes

This is a list of rooms and their positions in real space. Big thanks to Christopher Baines for doing the initial work on this dataset as part of map.soton.


This data set is not yet very complete. It will eventually contain details of many points of service. This information is sourced from many people, but changes slowly.


A list of all the showers on campus. Please be advised, some of these showers are in areas that are inaccessible by some members of the University.

Southampton Areas

Labels, latitudes and longitudes of areas in and around Southampton. Use in conjunction with other spatial datasets to make cool stuff. We get this information from

Southampton Bus Information

This data is a slightly modified (and therefore non-authoritative) version of the council's bus network information. We're still working on it but we're pretty sure the URIs won't change again. Regardless, please use with caution.

Southampton Data Blog

We have a blog on the University's Wordpress site. This dataset is that blog, represented in RDF, using the SIOC vocabulary.

Southampton Food and Drink Outlets

Labels, latitudes and longitudes of food and drink outlets in Southampton. Use in conjunction with other spatial datasets to make cool stuff. We get this information from

Southampton Jargon Dictionary

This dictionary is created by a number of volunteers in iSolutions and other professional services to help people learn the terms used to describe our processes and infrastructure. It should not be considered a definitive answer, but should help with confusing emails or meetings. If you would like to contribute please contact

Southampton Points of Interest

Labels, latitudes and longitudes of useful non-university-related things in Southampton. Use in conjunction with other spatial datasets to make cool stuff. We get this information from (notable buildings, landmarks, etc) and (food-serving establishments).

Southampton Postcodes

A partial dump of Ordnance Survey's postcode data, covering the positions of every postcode beginning with 'SO'. Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2013. Contains Royal Mail data Royal Mail copyright and database right 2013. Contains National Statistics data Crown copyright and database right 2013.

Southampton Weather Forecast

16 day weather forecast from

Teaching Room Features

This dataset describes the features of rooms (and some other places which aren't rooms) as described by the university syllabus database. This dataset includes all bookable locations and their features, such as capacity, seating layout, and facilities.

Transport Linkset

A set of links from our bus and train station URIs into the government "Naptan", and other URI schemes.

Transport Locations

The location of bus stops relative to campuses.

University Room Bookings

University room bookings data, linked to room URIs.

University of Southampton Job Vacancies

Current job vacancies at the University of Southampton, exposed as linked open data. Please see for the ontology we are using.

University of Southampton Profile Document

A document describing the University of Southampton. Maintained by hand by the open data team.


A document describing the RDF custom classes and properties that we have created for use in our datasets.

Web and Internet Science Research Group Room Bookings

WAIS room bookings data, linked to room URIs.


This dataset lists some of the wifi points at the University of Southampton.

iSolutions Workstation Clusters

A list of iSolutions workstation clusters. This includes how many machines there are and how many are in use. Updated every 5 minutes. It is created from an XML file provided by iSolutions.

iSolutions Workstation Opening Times

This dataset describes the opening times for iSolutions workstation clusters.