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Links to AccessAble Access Information

AccessAble (previously DisabledGo) provides accessibility information about many buildings and points of service in the UK. This dataset provides links from our URIs for these things to the AccessAble HTML documents describing each.

Available Distributions

RDF (in XML)
RDF (in Turtle)

Dataset Information

Type:Non-Authoritative Dataset
Conforms to:5 Star Open Linked Data
Publisher:University of Southampton
Corrections:None specified. Please contact Ash Smith with any issues.
Published:23rd June 2021


While generating this dataset the following files were used.

disabledgo.cfgCFG file
disabledgo.tsvTab-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
disabledgo.xslXSLT stylesheet
grinder'Grinder' script
publish.json'Hedgehog' configuration file
test-urls.shSH file
disabledgo.rdfRDF/XML file