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This data set is not yet very complete. It will eventually contain details of many points of service. This information is sourced from many people, but changes slowly.

Available Distributions

RDF (in XML)
RDF (in Turtle)

Dataset Information

Type:Authoritative Dataset
Conforms to:5 Star Open Linked Data
Publisher:University of Southampton
Published:9th October 2020


While generating this dataset the following files were used.

fservices-hours.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
fservices.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
grinder'Grinder' script
openorg-pos.xslXSLT stylesheet
pos.cfgCFG file
pservices.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
publish.json'Hedgehog' configuration file
services.csvComma-separated text file (can be loaded in Excel)
services.rdfRDF/XML file