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High Resolution Marine Geophysics

We have 20 years experience of collecting high resolution geophysical data for research projects as diverse as small object detection (including forensic work); wreck based surveys; Quaternary natural and archaeological landscape studies; neotectonics; and large scale sedimentological and structural analysis. We have acquired data in settings as diverse as Icelandic lakes; offshore New Zealand; the Corinth Rift; Windermere in the Lake District; and the Indus Fan. The group has its own Chirp, Boomer and Sparker sources. These can be recorded with a single channel hydrophone onto a Coda acquisition system, or using a 60-channel 1m group spacing multichannel hydrophone onto a Geometrics Strataview recorder. The group also has several multibeam systems (Reson 8160, 7101, 8125) and a Geoacoustics sidescan sonar system. This enables to acquire data from water depths of 2000m to the coastal strip. We also have the capability to process and interpret this wide range of data through a




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