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Open Data Service

University of Southampton Open Data Service

The University of Southampton provides open access to some of our administrative data.

We believe that this will be of benefit to our own members and visitors, and increase the transparency of our operations.

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We get data from Southampton Council on bus routes and both live and scheduled bus times. To make this useful, we developed bus.soton, a site for planning bus journeys and checking arrival and departure times. We also have a pretty comprehensive list of landmarks and food/drink outlets in Southampton, and you can search for these as well as postcodes.

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The executive summary: There's data we have which isn't in any way confidential which is of use to our members, visitors, and the public. If we make the data available in a structured way with a license which allows reuse then our members, or anyone else, can build tools on top of it without needless bureaucracy. That's common sense. We call it "Open Data".

For more on Open Data and it's benefits see these presentations by Southampton's Nigel Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee. They helped establish the UK Government's Open Data site and are members of the Coalition Government's Transparency Board.

We publish our data in RDF format and link our identifiers to other sites in the Linked Open Data Web. This makes it much easier to merge data from multiple sources and other sites can link their datasets up with ours. Like the HTML Web, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, that's "Linked Data".

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