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The Interchange Cafe is centrally located in the Bus Interchange, fresh brew coffee, delicious danish pastries, homemade cakes and a large range of Ginsters sandwiches and slices.


Main Site Supervisor: Mrs Lin Treviss - 

Run by: Catering

FHRS Rating 5
Inspected: 8th Apr 2013

Please note: Prices shown on the web are intended as a guide only, and are subject to change.

Cold Drinks

Water Sport 750ml£1.30(£1.30 student)
Appletiser Can£1.10(£1.10 student)
Pet Coke Bottle 500ml (Plastic)£1.10(£1.10 student)
Can Coke 330ml£0.75(£0.75 student)
Red Bull Can£1.30(£1.30 student)
Oasis Bottle£1.10(£1.10 student)
Powerade Bottle£1.30(£1.30 student)
Relentless Can£1.65(£1.65 student)
Milk Cup£0.70(£0.70 student)
Milk Pint£1.00(£1.00 student)

Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate (Large)£2.20(£1.90 student)
Americano Coffee (Large)£1.90(£1.70 student)
Cappuccino Coffee (Large)£2.20(£1.90 student)
Espresso Coffee (Large)£1.90(£1.70 student)
Filter Coffee (Large)£1.60(£1.40 student)
Latte Coffee (Large)£2.20(£1.90 student)
Maciato Coffee (Large)£2.20(£1.90 student)
Mocha Coffee (Large)£2.80(£2.40 student)
Hot Juice Apple£1.20(£1.00 student)
Hot Juice Cranberry£1.20(£1.00 student)
Hot Juice Mapple£1.20(£1.00 student)
Hot Juice Pear£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Red£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Camomile£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Darjeeling£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Decaf£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Earl Grey£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Green£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Lemon£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Standard£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - White£1.20(£1.00 student)
Tea - Peppermint£1.20(£1.00 student)


Band A Sandwich£1.80(£1.50 student)
Band B Sandwich£2.15(£1.80 student)
Band C Sandwich£2.50(£2.15 student)
Band D Sandwich£3.00(£2.50 student)
Band E Sandwich£3.30(£2.75 student)
Band F Sandwich£3.60(£3.00 student)
Band G Sandwich£3.65(£3.25 student)


Fresh Fruit£0.50(£0.50 student)
Fruit Yoghurt (small)£0.55(£0.50 student)
Fruit Yoghurt (large)£0.85(£0.75 student)
Walkers Crisps£0.60(£0.60 student)
Kettles Crisps£0.70(£0.70 student)
Eat Natural Bar£1.10(£1.10 student)
Geobar£0.85(£0.85 student)
Muffin£1.25(£1.25 student)
Cookie£1.00(£1.00 student)
Cup Cake£1.00(£1.00 student)
Exquisite Bar£1.00(£1.00 student)
Flapjacks£1.00(£1.00 student)
Bronte Biscuit£1.25(£1.25 student)
Dorset Flapjacks£0.75(£0.75 student)
Chocolate Bar/Polos£0.70(£0.70 student)

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