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41 University Road

Site:Highfield Campus
Features:Building 1104 is non-residential


Faith & Reflection Centre


Monday 18th FebruaryPasta night
Tuesday 19th FebruaryQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 21st FebruarySoup Lunch
Friday 22nd FebruaryEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 25th FebruaryPasta night
Thursday 28th FebruarySoup Lunch
Guided Meditation
Friday 1st MarchEnglish conversation & tea
Reflections Cafe
Monday 4th MarchPasta night
Tuesday 5th MarchQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 8th MarchEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 11th MarchPasta night
Tuesday 12th MarchQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 14th MarchGuided Meditation
Friday 15th MarchEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 18th MarchPasta night
Tuesday 19th MarchQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 22nd MarchEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 25th MarchPasta night
Tuesday 26th MarchQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 28th MarchGuided Meditation
Friday 29th MarchEnglish conversation & tea
Friday 5th AprilEnglish conversation & tea
Thursday 11th AprilGuided Meditation
Friday 12th AprilEnglish conversation & tea
Tuesday 16th AprilQuaker Open Meeting
Tuesday 23rd AprilQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 26th AprilEnglish conversation & tea
Tuesday 30th AprilQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 3rd MayEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 6th MayPasta night
Tuesday 7th MayQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 9th MayGuided Meditation
Friday 10th MayEnglish conversation & tea
Reflections Cafe
Monday 13th MayPasta night
Tuesday 14th MayQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 17th MayEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 20th MayPasta night
Tuesday 21st MayQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 23rd MayGuided Meditation
Friday 24th MayEnglish conversation & tea
Tuesday 28th MayQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 31st MayEnglish conversation & tea
Tuesday 4th JuneQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 6th JuneGuided Meditation
Friday 7th JuneEnglish conversation & tea
Tuesday 11th JuneQuaker Open Meeting
Friday 14th JuneEnglish conversation & tea
Monday 17th JunePasta night
Tuesday 18th JuneQuaker Open Meeting
Thursday 20th JuneGuided Meditation
Friday 21st JuneEnglish conversation & tea

Building Entrances

Chaplaincy Main

Get the Data

If you're that way inclined, you can get the raw data used to create this page in various formats, as listed below.

TTLRDF/Turtle file
KMLGoogle Earth KML file
RDF.HTMLHTML visualisation of raw data

The following open datasets were used to build this page:

Buildings and Places
Events Diary
Local Amenities
Photographs of University of Southampton Things