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Highfield Campus

Sorted by name

A B Woods Laboratory (8)
Building 1 (1)
Building 10 (10)
Building 12 (12)
Building 14 (14)
Building 16 (16)
Building 2 (2)
Building 2 Annexe (2A)
Building 23 (23)
Building 26 (26)
Building 44A (44A)
Chemistry (27)
Combinatorial Chemistry (30A)
David Kiddle (35)
EEE Building (32)
EScience Building (25)
Early Years Centre (41)
Education (34)
El Sub Sta adj to B59 (59A)
Energy Centre (CHP) (11)
Engineering Workshops (9)
Estates (Maintenance) (33)
Eustice (5)
Faraday (21)
Froude (28)
George Thomas (37)
George Thomas Building Exten (37A)
Gower (60)
Graham Hills (29)
Hartley Store (31)
Health Profs & Rehab Sciences (45)
High Voltage Laboratory (20)
Human Performance Laboratory (56)
ISVR (19)
Interchange Kiosk (115)
John Hansard Gallery (50)
Jubilee Sports Complex (18)
Lanchester (7)
Law (4)
Library (inc. blds 10 12 & 14) (36)
Life Sciences (85)
Mathematics (54)
Murray (58)
New Mountbatten (53)
New Zepler (59)
Nightingale (67)
Nuffield Theatre (6)
Oakhurst Road (73)
Physics (46)
Potting Shed behind B44 (44B)
R J Mitchell Wind Tunnel (17)
Shackleton (44)
Ship Science Store (61)
Soton Stat Sci Res Institute (39)
South Gower (64)
Staff Social Centre (38)
Students' Union Retail Centre (57)
Students' Union/Refectory (42)
Synthetic Chemistry (30)
Tizard (13)
Turner Sims Concert Hall (52)
University Health Centre (48)
Waste store adj to B59 (59B)
West Bld & Staff Social Centre (40)
Wolfson/Rayleigh (15)
Workshop adjacent to B13 (13A)

Sorted by number

1.Building 1
2.Building 2
2A.Building 2 Annexe
6.Nuffield Theatre
8.A B Woods Laboratory
9.Engineering Workshops
10.Building 10
11.Energy Centre (CHP)
12.Building 12
13A.Workshop adjacent to B13
14.Building 14
16.Building 16
17.R J Mitchell Wind Tunnel
18.Jubilee Sports Complex
20.High Voltage Laboratory
23.Building 23
25.EScience Building
26.Building 26
29.Graham Hills
30.Synthetic Chemistry
30A.Combinatorial Chemistry
31.Hartley Store
32.EEE Building
33.Estates (Maintenance)
35.David Kiddle
36.Library (inc. blds 10 12 & 14)
37.George Thomas
37A.George Thomas Building Exten
38.Staff Social Centre
39.Soton Stat Sci Res Institute
40.West Bld & Staff Social Centre
41.Early Years Centre
42.Students' Union/Refectory
44A.Building 44A
44B.Potting Shed behind B44
45.Health Profs & Rehab Sciences
48.University Health Centre
50.John Hansard Gallery
52.Turner Sims Concert Hall
53.New Mountbatten
56.Human Performance Laboratory
57.Students' Union Retail Centre
59.New Zepler
59A.El Sub Sta adj to B59
59B.Waste store adj to B59
61.Ship Science Store
64.South Gower
73.Oakhurst Road
85.Life Sciences
115.Interchange Kiosk

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