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Clean Rooms - Focused ion beam (FIB)

Allows focused ion beam milling, electron-beam lithography and ion/electron beam-induced deposition, with parallel high resolution imaging, for the production of complex nanostructures in a broad range of materials. Specification: 0.9 nm electron beam and 5 nm ion beam resoultion - Gas injection for bea-induced deposition of gold and platinum - Nabity pattern generator - Electron - beam lithography capability - Kleidiek nanomanipulator for TEM sample lift-out (other tool options available inc. microfluidic injection and four-point electrical probe) - 5-axis motorized stage for samples up to 150mm dia. (larger without full rotation) and 20mm thick - Ability to accept complex CAD pattern files.




RCUK Costed:Yes
School/Dept:Physical Sciences and Engineering
Building:New Mountbatten


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