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Philips FEI XL30SEM Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

The XL30 environmental SEM is capable of imaging at magnifications of up to 100,000, using an accelerating voltage of up to 30kV. Electrically conductive samples can be imaged using the secondary electron detector, while non-conducting materials may be studied, without the need for coating, with the gaseous secondary electron detector. Compositional information may be obtained using a backscattered electron detector, while elemental analysis can be performed with the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) probe. The XL30 will be undergoing an upgrade in the spring of 2012 to replace the existing EDS probe and to additionally fit a waveform dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (WDS) system, which will give greatly enhanced x-ray resolution and light element analysis capability.




RCUK Costed:Yes
School/Dept:Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Building:Synthetic Chemistry


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