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Clean Rooms - Integrated Photonics

The Integrated Photonics Cleanroom is a 200m? Class 1000 facility with local areas of Class 100, designed for planar processing of a very wide range of materials. The prime purpose of this facility is to be able to take raw materials, ORC-made materials, or commercial materials and process them to realise photonic devices for use in applications from telecommunications to all-optical data processing and from biochemical sensing to the lab-on-a-chip. Polishing and scanning electron microscopy are available outside the cleanroom. The major equipment items are: Karl-Suss MA6 double-sided mask aligner, OPT Plasmalab 400 Sputtering Machine, Ionafab 300 Plus Reactive Ion Beam Depostit/Etcher, Edwards Auto 306 thermal evaporators, Edwards Auto 306 electron beam evaporator, Materials Research 2300c Furnace, Severn (STS) 1200c Tube Furnace, Instron 600c Ion-Exchange Furnaces, KLA Tencor P-16 Stylus Profiler, Nikon LV100D Optical Microscope and Wet Benches for Chemical Processing.




RCUK Costed:Yes
School/Dept:Physical Sciences and Engineering
Building:New Mountbatten


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